SWL's is a semi-realistic animal RP based in the African Savanna. In this RP you have the option to be a Lion, Hyena or African Wild Dog.

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Creating a Character

Here is where you can create your character to suit your wants and needs, there is a biography skeleton that you can follow if you so please but feel free to design it on your own as well. After completing your application please be patient and a staff member will review it. If it's not up to par or you're missing something that's important for other to get a feel for your character you will receive a reply on what to fix.

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Approved Characters

After your character has been completed and approved by a staff member your application will be locked and placed here. If you feel you ever need to edit something please contact one of the admins and they will unlock it for you. If you go inactive your locked topic will be unlocked and placed back into the create a character form and a message will be sent to you informing you of this. Please stay Active!!

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Character Corner

If you're having a difficult time keeping up with every aspect of your character(s) or there are people who keep getting confused on who is who then please be sure to post all of your characters and accounts in one of your own topics. It helps others out as well as yourself and is probably a good idea to do.


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