SWL's is a semi-realistic animal RP based in the African Savanna. In this RP you have the option to be a Lion, Hyena or African Wild Dog.

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    The RP Rules


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    The RP Rules

    Post by Hoax on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:18 pm

    RP Rules

    1. When you are RPing you must be sure to make sure you are appropriately RPing your breed of Character. If your character is making a sound you must write it correctly. Adult Lions do not purr, or meow. They Roar, making huffing sounds and make cooing sounds to their young while African Wild Dogs make sounds that resemble that of a bird. They make twittering sounds and squeaks and Hyenas make noises that sound like hoo's, they also grunt and cackle. Finding words to describe may be hard but please try your best. 

    2. Pay attention to what's happening during your RPing. Be sure to keep up with it and don't suddenly drop it because you get bored. End it by going somewhere else or by saying bye to the character you are socializing with. 

    3. If you're in a fight in RP you can't kill anyone off without the permission of the owner of the character. 

    4. There's no auto killing prey. You must RP it out. It makes reading a lot more entertaining than seeing, "The lion dropped to the ground, scent his prey and went after it. He jumped and killed the beast with a bite to it's neck." Sure that gets the job done and people understand you made a kill but it's sooo boring. We don't want boring. 

    5. No god-modding or Power playing while in RP. Don't know what it is, look it up. 

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