SWL's is a semi-realistic animal RP based in the African Savanna. In this RP you have the option to be a Lion, Hyena or African Wild Dog.

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    Some RP Terms


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    Some RP Terms

    Post by Hoax on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:33 pm

    RP Terms

    Body Parts

    * Eyes: Orbs, optics, pools, occuils, luminaries, and spheres

    * Head/Face: Cranium, craniul, crania, crown, skull, pate, apex and visage (Face)

    * Legs: Pillars, limbs, appendages, pedates, pistons, fores (front legs) and hinds (back legs)

    * Ears: Auditives, twin peaks, auds, lobes, auditories, thorns, receptors and audreys

    * Neck: Crest, nape, scruff, cervix and scrag

    * Teeth: Fangs, razors, ivories, incisors, enamels, canines (Sharpe pointed front teeth and molars (Flat back teeth)

    * Tail: Tassel, banner, swatter, fifth appendage, rope, plume, pendulum and plummage

    * Fur: Pelt, coat and derma

    * Body: Figure, frame, form, physique, bodice, torso, build, silhouette, flank (side), platform (back) and facade

    * Mouth: Muzzle, snout, mug, maw, dial, chops and jaws

    * Nose: Nostrils, narettes, nasal passage, oxygenators and nares

    * Feet: Paws, pads and peds

    * Tongue: Pendlement


    * Black: Ebony, ebon, midnight, charcoal, obsidian, raven, shadow and charred

    * Blue: Navy, sapphire, indigo, ice and azure

    * Brown: Tawny, tan, beige and sorrel

    * Grey: Ash(en), silver, steel and dusty

    * Green: Emerald, jade, olive and lime

    * Orange: Fiery, mango and ginger

    * Purple: Mauve, lilac, lavender and violet

    * Red: Crimson, rouge, scarlet, cherry, cinnamon, ruby and burgundy

    * Yellow: Sunny, mustard, golden and honey

    * White: Pearl, ivory, milky, alabaster, colorless and pure


    * Let out: Emitted, escape(d), utter, grumbled and moaned

    * Touch: Poke, nudge, prod, bump

    * Move: Stalk, walk, stride, embark, sway, glide, runs, prances, skip, romp, leap, bound and pads

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