SWL's is a semi-realistic animal RP based in the African Savanna. In this RP you have the option to be a Lion, Hyena or African Wild Dog.

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    Biography Skeleton



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    Biography Skeleton

    Post by Kenai on Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:26 pm

    {Image: Not optional}

    Name: (Not Optional)
    Age: (Not Optional)
    Species: (Lion, African Wild Dog, Hyena)
    Group: (pack, clan, pride, rogue/loner)
    SO: (Not optional)

    (image here; optional)

    Description: (at least 3-4Sentences; not optional)

    Likes: ( at least 3)
    Dislikes: ( at least 3)
    Fears: (at least 2)
    Goals: (1-2)

    (image here; optional)

    Description: (3-4sentences; not optional)

    Fur texture: (not optional)
    Eye color: (Not optional)
    Smell: (Not optional)

    Parents: (not optional)
    Littermates: (optional)
    Aunts: (optional)
    Uncles: (optional)

    Crush: (optional)
    Offspring: (optional)

    History: (Not optional; at least 2paragraphs long)



    {Image: Not optional}[/center]


    [center]Name: (Not Optional)[/center]
    [center]Age: (Not Optional)[/center]
    [center]Species: (Lion, African Wild Dog, Hyena)[/center]
    [center]Group: (pack, clan, pride, rogue/loner)[/center]
    [center]SO: (Not optional)[/center]


    [center](image here; optional)[/center]

    [center]Description: (at least 3-4Sentences; not optional)[/center]

    [center]Likes: ( at least 3)[/center]
    [center]Dislikes: ( at least 3)[/center]
    [center]Fears: (at least 2)[/center]
    [center]Goals: (1-2)[/center]


    [center](image here; optional)[/center]

    [center]Description: (3-4sentences; not optional)[/center]

    [center]Fur texture: (not optional)[/center]
    [center]Eye color: (Not optional)[/center]
    [center]Smell: (Not optional)[/center]


    [center]Parents: (not optional)[/center]
    [center]Littermates: (optional)[/center]
    [center]Aunts: (optional)[/center]
    [center]Uncles: (optional)[/center]

    [center]Crush: (optional)[/center]
    [center]Offspring: (optional)[/center]


    [center]History: (Not optional; at least 2paragraphs long)[/center]


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