SWL's is a semi-realistic animal RP based in the African Savanna. In this RP you have the option to be a Lion, Hyena or African Wild Dog.

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    Site Rules


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    Site Rules

    Post by Hoax on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:02 pm

    Site Rules

    1. Follow all of the rules. When you follow all of the rules it makes things much easier on everyone. Especially the Admins and Mods that way they don't have to be the bad guys and continuously inform you to read the rules. If you read them once and you follow them you won't be kicked from the site.
    2. Be active on the site. Not just in RP. Communicate with others. People enjoy that. When you communicate with others on the site, it helps to build a RP friendship and makes RP more fun when it's with friends. 

    3. Be respectful to those you talk to. When you are friendly and respectful others are friendly and respectful and no one gets their feeling hurt. 

    4. If you have issues with someone on the site please do your best to ignore them. If someone is being mean to you and you feel you can't handle it on your own, get an Admin involved and they will have a discussion with the other party and yourself to get things resolved. 

    5. Respect all Admins and Mods. If you are disrespectful or do not do as asked by them you will be punished some way some how. Please keep that in mind. We won't tolerate rudeness to one another. 

    6. Keep all discussions PG-13 unless it is through a private message where NO ONE else can view it. 
    If something is said that you don't agree with drop the conversation do not argue. If it's super inappropriate and you are uncomfortable please let an Admin know!!

    Please, please, please follow all of the rules. We don't wish to ban anyone but we will if we have to. 

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